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Decriminalizing Drug Addiction

The "War on Drugs" has failed to curb drug use or make communities safer. Instead, it has resulted in destructive policing and prosecution. It's time to move toward decriminalizing drug addiction.

As your DA, I promise to;


1) Refrain from prosecuting low-level marijuana possessions.


2) Support legislation that decriminalizes marijuana and reclassifies other simple drug possession as a misdemeanor or civil violation.


3) Refrain from seeking mandatory minimum or habitual offender sentences based on underlying charges for drug possession.


4) Refrain from prosecuting those who call the police in response to an overdose.


5) Expunge past convictions that would be treated differently today.


6) Offer drug treatment programs with evidence-based solutions, such as medication-assisted treatment, and treat use and relapse as a part of recovery.


Overall, directing low-level drug offenders to community-based treatment services instead of jails, results in a reduction in usage and fewer subsequent arrests.


Relating to the War on Drugs and its consequences:
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Relating to community-based treatment services and their successes in reducing usage and recidivism:
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